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  • Registration for the DeiC Conference 2024 is open

    Read more about this year’s conference theme and register now.

  • New UCloud User Interface

    DeiC Interactive HPC is excited to roll out the new User Interface on the UCloud platform, designed to simplify processes and enhance the user experience. The updated interface, serving 10,000 users (and growing), signifies the dedication to delivering an easy-to-use interface that provides researchers with access to advanced interactive computing power, along with comprehensive data […]

  • Moving your AI training jobs to LUMI: A Hands-On Workshop

    Join our two-day workshop, “Getting Started with AI on LUMI,” designed to familiarize you with the capabilities of the LUMI supercomputer for artificial intelligence applications. This workshop is ideal for those looking to transition from smaller-scale computing environments like laptops, workstations, or cloud VMs to the robust, GPU-intensive LUMI platform. Participants are invited to bring their […]

  • Apply for HPC resources H2-2024

    Reposted news from link: The first national call for HPC resources H2-2024 is now open. As a researcher at a Danish university, you have various options for gaining access to computing power at both Danish and international HPC facilities. Deadline for application is 12. March. For more information, visit DeiCs website.

  • Transcription of audio files

    It has been announced that CLAAUDIA’s Pelle Rosenbeck Gøeg has completed his first application for the UCloud platform. As mentioned in the documentation of the application: “This utility is used to make a transcription of a voice or video recording, using the Whisper large language model from OpenAI.” It is safe, secure, adaptable, high quality transcription of audio […]

  • New way to use SSH for accessing apps on Interactive HPC

    Reposted news from: One minute! That’s how long it took to set up the new SSH access to DeiC Interactive HPC applications.  If SSH is of interest to you, you probably know that DeiC Interactive HPC applications have recently experienced limitations in providing a reliable and scalable solution for accessing their services using Secure […]

  • The annual DeiC report for 2022

    In DeiC’s Annual Report for 2022, you can read a status of the year that has passed and the plans for 2023. You can also get an overview of the finances of DeiC for 2022. Link to the article Link to the annual DeiC report

  • The cost of success – user overload on DeiC Interactive HPC

    Re-posting of an article: While there was never any doubt that DeiC Interactive HPC would be a success, the popularity of the HPC facility has taken the Interactive HPC consortium a little by surprise. The two-year old system reached no less than 5000 users back in December, and while every milestone is celebrated the […]

  • Upcoming maintenance of UCloud

    DOWNTIME: Scheduled maintenance on the Type 1 HPC provider – UCloud On Tuesday the 7th of Feburary 2023, we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on the Type 1 provider. During this period, we will, unfortunately, have to stop all running jobs. The maintenance will occur between 08:00 and 16:00. We will update you here and […]

  • Comprehensive general LUMI course

    This is a reposted article from Taking place online from 14th to 17th of February 2023 This four day online course serves as a general comprehensive introduction to the LUMI architecture and programming environment. It will include lessons about compiling and using software, programming models (HIP and OpenMP offload), porting, executing jobs, and optimizing applications […]