Training & Tutorials

Introduction to Interactive HPC and the best practices with other useful materials

Afternoon coding café with focus on HPC at RUC
RUC HPC Centre has arranged open afternoon meetings every Thursday in the canteen or library room of building 27 where users can come and seek advice on how to target HPC and other related topics. It is appreciated from users to create an initial step through the Front Office by sending email to

SDU UCloud course
This channel is maintained from SDU eScience Centre and aims to help researchers to exploit HPC resources in Denmark and optimize research workflows in data science, scientific computing, machine learning, etc. Click here to find out more.

EuroCC Knowledge Pool
The Knowledge Pool for the Danish Euro HPC competence centre offers the best practices, materials about HPC, HPDA and AI software and hardware, analysis of the Danish danish national HPCs infrastructure, relevant resources and literature. See more at EuroCC Knowledge Pool.

Slurm job scheduler as an interactive tutorial
For some of the HPC types the job scheduling is the only way how to start a job. This interactive slurmlearning tutorial developed by DeiC guides you through the steps that are required for you to achieve necessary practice and skills. It also helps you understand possibilities to create a pipeline and batch executions for optimal use on HPC.