DeiC Interactive HPC

Boost your research with Type 1 – DeiC Interactive HPC

Description of the service

The DeiC Interactive HPC is provided through the UCloud platform, which is located in Denmark and run by the Danish universities. The focus of Interactive HPC is to make complex digital technology accessible to all users.


UCloud can be accessed via the URL:

To log into the platform one has to click on the WAYF (Where Are You From) button. This allows all users affiliated with a Danish educational institution to access the platform without a separate account. All they need is the username and password that they use in their institution.

Upon the first login it is necessary to approve the SDU eScience terms of service. Afterwards, the user is redirected to the UCloud user interface.

Once logged in, the user has the option to set up a two factor authentication by clicking on the avatar icon in the top-right corner of the home screen.

Valuable information about current status of UCloud

In case you experience an unusual behavior, visit

Getting started

Read more about activities and services here. Watch a set of video tutorials as a part of UCloud documentation.