How to target HPC at RUC?

RUC’s High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre is based on an ongoing and close cooperation with DeiC and other HPC centres in Denmark, mainly SDU. The competences are derived from a maintenance of Linux infrastructure at Department of Science and Environment (known as INM in Danish) which has prioritised Open Source solutions for many years.

RUC’s HPC Centre communicates directly with backend technicians from campus IT, other HPC centres and DeiC. Ideally, user requests go through the local Front Office as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) where resulting tickets will be directed accordingly. This setup provides a better service to users and saves valuable time for backend technicians who can concentrate on resolving highly technical issues.

The following areas are also facilitated by RUC’s HPC Centre. If you have any questions after reading the sections below, please contact Front Office by sending an email to

UCloud is considered a gate to the HPC world, since it provides an interactive user environment accessible through a web browser. It is highly recommended to start here where you can read in detail about Type 1 HPC. The interactivity of the UCloud helps users to become familiar with HPC possibilities and processing pipelines used on other purely command  line-driven HPC types.

National HPC Facilities
In this section you can read in detail about different types of national HPC facilities which are accessible through RUC’s HPC Centre. The types of HPC reflect suitability for each use case. RUC’s HPC Centre can help establish a project with additional resources for UCloud (Type 1 HPC) and provide needed guidance. In case of other HPC types it is required to apply for access and resources on a national level biannually.

EuroCC via DeiC
The EuroCC project is a project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 initiative, with the objective of establishing a single National Competence Centre (NCC) in the area of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in each of the 33 European member countries.

The HPC infrastructure in Denmark is backed up by a strong collaboration between 8 Danish universities. This HPC infrastructure is coordinated by Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC) as an important binding and guiding element. DeiC also acts as a Danish NCC in the area of HPC and brings EuroCC awareness to HPC users.

Training & Tutorials
In this section of training and tutorials you can find an overview of current topics focusing on UCloud and EuroCC Knowledge Pool and a summary of  the best practices from HPC. There is an intention to expand the list of topics in the future based on feedback from users.