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  • Mixed methods approaches to detecting and analyzing communities on 4chan/pol/

    In Daniel Bach’s Ph.D. research using the advanced computational power of High Performance Computing (HPC) through UCloud, the research is able to delve into the vast textual content found within online communities, such as the anonymous imageboard 4chan’s politically incorrect (/pol/) section. On this platform, myriad posts, numbering into hundreds of millions, are continually generated, […]

  • AlterPublics: Alternative Media and Ideological Counterpublics

    AlterPublics: Alternative Media and Ideological Counterpublics

    Principal investigator: Eva Mayerhöffer. Other team members Jakob Bæk Kristensen (Post.doc), Frederik Henriksen (PhD student) and Tim Ramsland (Research assistant) The AlterPublics project studies the role of alternative media in the digital public sphere. Alternative news media have become crucial actors in modern societies, and their ideology-driven content presents a critical challenge for journalism, public […]