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  • Sentiment Analysis of Hotel and Restaurant Yelp Reviews: A Comparison of Methods and Theories

    This project, led by Fuad Mehraliyev, an associate professor at ISE, compares various methodological and theoretical approaches in conducting sentiment analysis within the context of service encounters. Eight studies were conducted using the Yelp dataset, with multiple models compared in each study. The analytical process involves several steps, including data cleaning and preparation, extracting review […]

  • Transcription of audio files

    It has been announced that CLAAUDIA’s Pelle Rosenbeck Gøeg has completed his first application for the UCloud platform. As mentioned in the documentation of the application: “This utility is used to make a transcription of a voice or video recording, using the Whisper large language model from OpenAI.” It is safe, secure, adaptable, high quality transcription of audio […]

  • New way to use SSH for accessing apps on Interactive HPC

    Reposted news from: https://interactivehpc.dk/?p=1300 One minute! That’s how long it took to set up the new SSH access to DeiC Interactive HPC applications.  If SSH is of interest to you, you probably know that DeiC Interactive HPC applications have recently experienced limitations in providing a reliable and scalable solution for accessing their services using Secure […]

  • The cost of success – user overload on DeiC Interactive HPC

    Re-posting of an article: https://interactivehpc.dk/?p=1286 While there was never any doubt that DeiC Interactive HPC would be a success, the popularity of the HPC facility has taken the Interactive HPC consortium a little by surprise. The two-year old system reached no less than 5000 users back in December, and while every milestone is celebrated the […]

  • Quick guide on running JupyterLab on UCloud

    This guide provides an overview how to access the Interactive HPC also known as UCloud. It may be relevant for researchers and students who needs access to special software avoiding local installation and hardware up to 64CPU cores and 376GB of RAM on UCloud. This platform dramatically reduce processing times during data analysis and therefore […]

  • Teaching Humanities in UCloud

    This is a reposted article from https://interactivehpc.dk/?p=780. UCloud has been a game changer for Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science and Humanities Computing (Aarhus University), Ross Deans Kristensen-McLachlan, teaching within the crossroads of cultural studies and data science. In short, the benefits of UCloud within teaching narrows down to a much more trouble-free teaching process free of […]