Category: Social Sciences and Business

  • Sentiment Analysis of Hotel and Restaurant Yelp Reviews: A Comparison of Methods and Theories

    This project, led by Fuad Mehraliyev, an associate professor at ISE, compares various methodological and theoretical approaches in conducting sentiment analysis within the context of service encounters. Eight studies were conducted using the Yelp dataset, with multiple models compared in each study. The analytical process involves several steps, including data cleaning and preparation, extracting review […]

  • How do Danish politicians in Folketinget respond to external shocks?

    By Nicholas Buhmann-Holmes, PhD Fellow, Roskilde University This PhD project looks at how politicians in Folketinget (Danish parliament) respond to external shocks. This is done by computational quantitative analysis of parliamentary debates from Folketinget from the early 1900s and onwards. The project focuses on how Danish politicians have responded to external shocks. The project looks […]

  • Addressing Climate Change with Big Data: A Machine Learning Approach to Green Public Procurement 

    Ph.D. student Bjarke Lund-Sørensen, Roskilde University, in collaboration with Professor Ole Helby Petersen and Associate Professor Lena Brogaard.  This project examines how governments utilize the great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through public procurement from the private market. Public procurement is a slightly overlooked area in the debate on climate change. However, public procurement […]