How do Danish politicians in Folketinget respond to external shocks?

By Nicholas Buhmann-Holmes, PhD Fellow, Roskilde University

This PhD project looks at how politicians in Folketinget (Danish parliament) respond to external shocks. This is done by computational quantitative analysis of parliamentary debates from Folketinget from the early 1900s and onwards.

The project focuses on how Danish politicians have responded to external shocks. The project looks at parliamentary debate reactions to e.g. the Russian Revolution or the fall of the Berlin Wall. By using UCloud, we are able to more easily test different hypotheses and quantify the data for better analyses.

The project uses the high performance computers through UCloud because the debates from Folketinget, when comprised for many decades, constitutes a large amount of data that an ordinary computer cannot easily handle. UCloud instead makes it possible to make large quantitative text analyses and natural language processing.

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