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  • New way to use SSH for accessing apps on Interactive HPC

    Reposted news from: https://interactivehpc.dk/?p=1300 One minute! That’s how long it took to set up the new SSH access to DeiC Interactive HPC applications.  If SSH is of interest to you, you probably know that DeiC Interactive HPC applications have recently experienced limitations in providing a reliable and scalable solution for accessing their services using Secure […]

  • Mixed methods approaches to detecting and analyzing communities on 4chan/pol/

    In Daniel Bach’s Ph.D. research using the advanced computational power of High Performance Computing (HPC) through UCloud, the research is able to delve into the vast textual content found within online communities, such as the anonymous imageboard 4chan’s politically incorrect (/pol/) section. On this platform, myriad posts, numbering into hundreds of millions, are continually generated, […]

  • How do Danish politicians in Folketinget respond to external shocks?

    By Nicholas Buhmann-Holmes, PhD Fellow, Roskilde University This PhD project looks at how politicians in Folketinget (Danish parliament) respond to external shocks. This is done by computational quantitative analysis of parliamentary debates from Folketinget from the early 1900s and onwards. The project focuses on how Danish politicians have responded to external shocks. The project looks […]

  • Addressing Climate Change with Big Data: A Machine Learning Approach to Green Public Procurement 

    Ph.D. student Bjarke Lund-Sørensen, Roskilde University, in collaboration with Professor Ole Helby Petersen and Associate Professor Lena Brogaard.  This project examines how governments utilize the great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through public procurement from the private market. Public procurement is a slightly overlooked area in the debate on climate change. However, public procurement […]

  • Setting up jupyter-notebook with GPUs on AAU

    As a pre-requirement make sure you have a project on UCloud with allocation of CPU and GPU resources on AAU. If this is not the case, please contact your local Front Office, for example by sending an email to escience@ruc.dk. The HW configurations from AAU are described below (per single node): GPU Nvidia T4 [1, […]

  • The cost of success – user overload on DeiC Interactive HPC

    Re-posting of an article: https://interactivehpc.dk/?p=1286 While there was never any doubt that DeiC Interactive HPC would be a success, the popularity of the HPC facility has taken the Interactive HPC consortium a little by surprise. The two-year old system reached no less than 5000 users back in December, and while every milestone is celebrated the […]

  • Start openFOAM with VSCodium from UCloud

    This is a short guide used for openFOAM Workshop presented by Johan Rønby Pedersen during IMUFA seminar taking place on 8th of February and 1st of March 2023. Participants need to perform the following steps to get the environment up and running. Login to UCloud and setting up a job When the job starts you […]

  • Upcoming maintenance of UCloud

    DOWNTIME: Scheduled maintenance on the Type 1 HPC provider – UCloud On Tuesday the 7th of Feburary 2023, we will be conducting scheduled maintenance on the Type 1 provider. During this period, we will, unfortunately, have to stop all running jobs. The maintenance will occur between 08:00 and 16:00. We will update you here and […]

  • Quick guide on running JupyterLab on UCloud

    This guide provides an overview how to access the Interactive HPC also known as UCloud. It may be relevant for researchers and students who needs access to special software avoiding local installation and hardware up to 64CPU cores and 376GB of RAM on UCloud. This platform dramatically reduce processing times during data analysis and therefore […]

  • The R course with UCloud

    John Shorter organized a nicely structured R course and presented general insight into R, which is powerful language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. The course also provided familiarization with RStudio as an integrated development environment for R. Each participant was able to run the RStudio on UCloud as an interactive application accessible through a standard web browser. […]