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  • Setting up jupyter-notebook with GPUs on AAU

    As a pre-requirement make sure you have a project on UCloud with allocation of CPU and GPU resources on AAU. If this is not the case, please contact your local Front Office, for example by sending an email to The HW configurations from AAU are described below (per single node): GPU Nvidia T4 [1, […]

  • Training and e-Infrastructure for Research Software Development

    We teach all the essential tools which are usually skipped in academic education so everyone can make full use of software, computing, and data. We don’t just give courses, but we are a training network that you can join to share the effort and bring better courses to your community. Our standard workshop is well known in Nordic academic circles and […]

  • Start openFOAM with VSCodium from UCloud

    This is a short guide used for openFOAM Workshop presented by Johan Rønby Pedersen during IMUFA seminar taking place on 8th of February and 1st of March 2023. Participants need to perform the following steps to get the environment up and running. Login to UCloud and setting up a job When the job starts you […]

  • Quick guide on running JupyterLab on UCloud

    This guide provides an overview how to access the Interactive HPC also known as UCloud. It may be relevant for researchers and students who needs access to special software avoiding local installation and hardware up to 64CPU cores and 376GB of RAM on UCloud. This platform dramatically reduce processing times during data analysis and therefore […]

  • Remember to acknowledge the use of national HPC

    This is a reposted article from In order to increase awareness of the use of HPC in research, the Board of Directors in DeiC has set some requirements when using the National HPC facilities.The new mandatory acknowledgements for the use of national HPC resources apply from 1st of May 2021. NB! It is now […]

  • Virtual SLURM learning environment ready for new HPC users

    Ready to take the leap from DeiC Interactive HPC to DeiC Throughout HPC? Play in a virtual, interactive learning environment and improve your skills using our new online platform. You can read more details under the following link.

  • PhD. workshop about High Performance Computing (HPC)

    This workshop presents an overview of HPC at RUC, where we introduce different types of HPC. Our main focus is on HPC Type 1 – Interactive also known as UCloud. The slides from the presentation are available under the following link: RUC_eScience_HPC_UCloud.pdf Video recording is available here.