RUC High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre

Welcome to the web-page of the RUC HPC Centre. The centre was officially opened on 4/1-2023. The purpose of the centre is three-fold:

  1. To advocate the use of HPC where relevant at RUC.
  2. To facilitate access to local, national and international HPC resources and know-how for RUC’s researchers and students.
  3. To represent RUC’s HPC activities externally.

Getting started with HPC?

Initially you can get a great overview of HPC services at RUC by visiting How to target HPC at RUC? The page is also accessible from the menu. All students and researchers are welcome to contact us and get a valuable feedback on utilizing the HPC resources. You can write a short email with your use case to


The steering committee for the HPC centre is the RUC e-Science steering committee.

The HPC centre has a contact-group with a VIP representative from each department:

The people involved in the day-to-day activities in the centre are:

  • Professor in Physics Thomas Schrøder: Centre leader
  • HPC-specialist Heine Larsen: Focus on GPU-cluster and INM researchers and students
  • HPC-specialist Jakub Klust: Focus on the national and international HPC resources and other RUC researchers and students. Close cooperation with the Front Office.
  • Science engineer Bo Jakobsen, Team leader for HPC – TAP